NOSH Food Rescue NPC (NOSH) aims to reduce food insecurity, by diverting, repurposing, and redistributing prepared and perishable surplus food that is still wholesome and nutritious. NOSH has provided over 50,000 meals to soup kitchens and feeding schemes over the past 5 years.

Food insecurity is a global problem which impacts the poorest sections of all societies. NOSH currently operates in and around Johannesburg. According to the Johannesburg City council, 27% of people in Johannesburg are food insecure and this rises to 47% in inner city environments.

Food security was prioritized by the South African government in 2010.

South Africa has been referred to as ‘the most unequal country in the world’, and one of the key parts of this inequality is the disparity in access to good nutrition between people that live in close geographic proximity to each other, as well as to food production facilities. 13 million South Africans routinely experience hunger, though more than thirty percent of the country’s food is wasted. In South Africa in 2013, approximately 10 million tons of food waste was generated, out of about 31 million tons available.

Poor nutrition leads to increased illness, reduced life expectancy, poor education outcomes, increased violence and unnecessary suffering amongst the poorest sections of society. It entrenches and intensifies existing inequalities which in turn lead to civil unrest and other societal ills.


A South Africa without hunger and zero food waste in landfills!


Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency
Collaboration and co-operation
Hands on, not hands out
Leadership and vision
Community involvement & inclusivity
Embracing diversity (of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, multiculturalism, economic level, age, physical, job status, marital status)
Compassion, respect and dignity
Responsible stewardship, sustainability and husbandry of resources

Helping hands

We encourage and welcome anyone who would like to help us make a difference! We also work with local and international volunteer platforms such as WWOOOF, WorkAway, HelpX, CommUnityHours SA and AEISEC to achieve the Nosh dream.