About Us

NOSH Food Rescue NPC aims to reduce food insecurity by diverting, repurposing and redistributing surplus food – prepared and perishable – that is still wholesome and nutritious.

Redistributing surplus food to charities that turn it into meals.

Our Vision

A South Africa without hunger and zero food waste in landfills!

Our Values

  • Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency
  • Collaboration and co-operation
  • Hands on, not hands out
  • Leadership and vision
  • Community involvement & inclusivity
  • Embracing diversity (of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, multiculturalism, economic level, age, physical, job status, marital status)
  • Compassion, respect and dignity
  • Responsible stewardship, sustainability and husbandry of resources

Helping hands

We encourage and welcome anyone who would like to help us make a difference! We also work with local and international volunteer platforms such as WWOOOF, WorkAway, HelpX, CommUnityHours SA and AEISEC to achieve the Nosh dream.

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