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Memory lane – grab the tissues

Today I was sorting through folders upon folders of images when I came across a pic which reminded me of an incident last year, before the website was up and running. One of the men in our Witpoortjie soup kitchen

Odd Plate Dinners – launched with a bang!

Ok, so we used this quote for the Disco Soup post – but it felt right to repeat it again here: “In order to save the planet you have to throw a better party than the people who are ruining

Disco Soup!

Why “Disco” Soup? “In order to save the planet you have to throw a better party than the people who are ruining it.” (Tristram Stuart, environmentalist). On the 28th of April 2018 Nosh collaborated with Slow Food Youth to host

2015 – Christmas Hampers for the Witpoortjie Soup Kitchen

This lovely little film was made by our December 2015 WorkAway volunteers, who were so moved by the plight of the homeless folks they served in the queues that they plied their talents and personal networks to raise funds for

Welcome to the Nosh Food Rescue Chronicles!

  Hi, my name is Hanneke and I am a rescuer. Of All The Things. To give you an idea of the occasional absurdity of it – I saved a cooler box full of ice cubes from melting, not wanting

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Collection and Delivery

We facilitate collection of potential food waste and effect distribution to our network of soup kitchens, shelters and feeding schemes.


Good nutrition is key to development.  We aim to improve nutrition for people for whom wholesome food in not easily accessible.

Meal provision and value-added products

We transform produce which would otherwise have gone to landfill into delicious, nutritious meals and value-added products.

Fundraising events

We host Odd Plate Dinners using discarded produce and aim to open a pay-as-you-feel restaurant.

Environmental Pledge

All of our activities are designed to conserve and reuse resources and be mindful of the environment.

Grocery store, catering service and box scheme

We aim to establish a pay-as-you-feel grocery store and deli as well as a Conscious Catering service and Veggie Box Scheme.