Helping Nosh help others is becoming even easier

Helping Nosh help others is becoming even easier

October has brought two exciting milestones which have been an agonisingly long, red-tape-fraught time in the making!

First, we finally received confirmation of our PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) status from SARS. This means we can now issue Section 18a Tax Clearance Certificates to South African donors, which is really an amazing bit of progress!

Secondly, we also complied with all the requirements for what is termed an Equivalence Determination (ED), which indicates to any potential donors or Grantmakers in the USA that we are the equivalent of a U.S. public charity as defined by U.S. tax law. Grantmakers use this service, provided by NGOsource, as a cheaper and more efficient substitute for conducting EDs themselves. Now that we have been certified for one Grantmaker by NGOsource, additional Grantmakers and even private donors can receive ED certifications immediately, which obviously represents a great opportunity for Nosh to look at accessing potential funding for the many projects we are looking to ramp up in the coming year.

Should anyone wish to support and want to make use of either of these two tools, we’re looking forward to hearing from you on or through the contact page.
There are also many other channels through which you can support Nosh and help us #FeedBelliesNotBins , the DONATE page shows a whole bunch of different options.

We do what we do today so that others can eat tomorrow – and we absolutely could not do it without YOU!!

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