Kitchens With Compassion

Kitchens With Compassion

During Lockdown 2020, NOSH Food Rescue continues to rescue food and feed those in need. We have partnered with reknowned chefs across Johannesburg who are preparing meals with our rescued food, for as many as 1,000 people per chef per mealtime!

We have long wanted to establish closer ties with the restaurant fraternity but that initiative never got prioritised. Until now. We are now blazing ahead with Kitchens With Compassion collaboration. 🙂

Through our long-time friendship with Caroline McCann of Braeside Meat Market, who is one of our foremost cheerleaders, we were put into contact with Chef Philippe Frydman and Mathew Abrahams of Thava Indian Restaurant in Norwood. They were thinking along similar lines and jumped on board incredibly enthusiastically!

We envisage more than just a crisis-response, but an ongoing and long-lasting relationship whereby NOSH Food Rescue collaborates with restaurants and chefs around SA to make a dent in the terrible scourge that is food insecurity. After all, that is what chefs and restaurants do, right? They feed people!

Bon appetit 🙂

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