Meeting the growing Nosh Team – Lucinda Jordaan

Meeting the growing Nosh Team – Lucinda Jordaan
Lucinda Jordaan is joining the Nosh team to help with Fundraising, Marketing, PR and other related activities

Author, former journalist and copy editor, Lucinda Jordaan is an independent Media and Communications Consultant with extensive experience in all media platforms and sectors and refers to herself as a pan-Africanist with specific interests in edu-preneurship, eco-living and a circular economy.

“Joining Nosh Food Rescue at this exciting stage of its growth – within our universal timeline – is both a personal and career achievement. If anything, Covid-19 has encouraged us to re-examine our activities on the planet, and our roles in society. The pandemic highlighted many critical social and infrastructural disparities. It also underscored the power of collective endeavour, and proved that obstacles are more easily overcome when we work together towards a common goal (with a nod to cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead).
During the pandemic, I found myself pulled in various directions; the need to earn an income often collided with the desire to just help where I could, with what I had. I reached burn out more than once, and realised I had to make choices.

Prior to Covid-19, my career trajectory has been one of organic growth, driven by my passion for real, compelling storytelling, skill sharing and mentoring. This, along with a yen for lifelong learning, led me to embrace various roles within all sectors and segments of the industry – from journalism to public relations and marketing; and from print to broadcast. By 2020, I had aligned my skills and specialities with my interests and activities in edu-preneurship and sustainable human development especially, and was practising as a consultant to various organisations, institutions, agencies and enterprises as Marketing, Communications and PR Consultant. During Covid-19, all my activities were focused on fundraising initiatives for start-ups and NGOs – when not either helping serve up meals, or distribute them.

This is why joining NOSH Food Rescue feels like a personal achievement: contributing towards reducing hunger, waste and our footprint on the planet – and finding innovative, sustainable solutions to social and infrastructural inequalities.

I am also a media trainer for both corporates and industry aspirants, and lifelong mentor to my students – a service I will be offering aspiring storytellers who volunteer for NOSH. I am thrilled at this new appointment, and look forward to contributing greatly towards NOSH Food Rescue’s growth and development. Oh! And to share my food waste journey and learnings with you, too!
Come join us!”

We are super excited to welcome Lucinda onto the growing Nosh team and we’re really looking forward to the magic she is going to bring!

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