Recommended Reading – February 2022

Recommended Reading – February 2022

There are more and more lovely books out there which have bearing on food waste, using up surplus, reducing waste in the home and on generally tweaking our food system to a more equitable and sustainable one, we thought we’d start recommending some of them for your delectation and edification! So, going forward, here we will be sharing our thoughts on local and international books and podcasts with a focus on food waste, hunger and ways to change how we look at the planet and communities.

We’re also going to collect copies of all of these books for the physical Nosh Library of Food, but that is news for another day. So:

Diet for a Small Planet (50th Anniversary Edition) by Francis Moore Lappe

Veganuary coming to an end today, at least 580,000 people around the world from 209 countries and territories made the commitment to try a diet that helps champion veg-filled food choices, protects the planet and improved human health. As more and more people try meatless-Monday, introducing more vegetarian/vegan meals into their week’s, perhaps let us suggest Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Lappe for meal planning and for delicious recipes to inspire you.

Originally written in 1971 and re-published last year for its 50-year anniversary, Moore Lappé’s work has been alerting people to how to incorporate plant-based protein-rich meals to their diets. It details the positive ways in which plant-based meals can help rehabilitate our impaired ecology, help us address the increasing climate crisis and introduce more varied meals into our daily lives. In 1971, the first edition was hugely influential about food and sustainability, noting the link between our food and global politics. A significant concern mentioned 50 years ago and sadly reiterated again is how we and accordingly our planet, is unable to meet our most fundamental needs, to keep us fed with healthy food as more waste and ecological damage ensues. 

50 years on, the book now also has an audiobook format and is not only full of delicious recipes and simple rules for leading a healthy plant-based diet, but also brilliantly provides a guide for how to plan and prepare meals and snacks. Many of us can help avoid personal food waste by planning our weekly meals and snacks in advance. By looking into our respective larders and fridges, we can plan what to buy based on what we already have. A great section of the book details ‘Kitchen Tips for Eating Well on a Small Planet’, importantly highlighting that, “reducing our food waste isn’t just good for the planet – it is a money-saving proposition!”. Suggestions on the basics to have in the kitchen and what can be added to make simple and delicious meals are incredibly helpful.

 In addition, the book details how amplified our food choices are on a global level and the impact that our individual decisions have on the planet.

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