Recommended Reading – October 2021

Recommended Reading – October 2021

Book review 

There are more and more lovely books out there which have bearing on food waste, using up surplus, reducing waste in the home and on generally tweaking our food system to a more equitable and sustainable one, we thought we’d start recommending some of them for your delectation and edification! So, going forward, here we will be sharing our thoughts on local and international books and podcasts with a focus on food waste, hunger and ways to change how we look at the planet and communities.

We’re also going to collect copies of all of these books for the physical Nosh Library of Food, but that is news for another day. So:

One Pot, Pan, Planet by Anna Jones

The wonderful cook and writer Anna Jones has published her latest cookbook exploring practical ways to look at food consumption when cooking for your family. 

So much has changed in the past year, especially how we look at what we put on the table, how it got there and the impact it has not just on hour health, but extended food systems.

This book eases you into making the small changes to your everyday approach to eating while still bringing joy to your cooks and the appreciation of the connectivity that food creates through a shared meal. 

While this is a British vegetarian book focused on seasonality of the region, it is easily translatable to your local environment. The book is filled with inspiration from various world food styles. The recipes range from quick mid-week meals to tray bakes, celebration cakes and those something special meals we all love to show off a little bit with. Most of the recipes have vegan adaptations, which is a wonderful bonus.

The real gem however, are the guides that sit in-between the recipes, illustrating easy steps on how not to waste food, covering topics like sustainability, food miles and my favourite section of 10 simple recipe ideas for your favourite veggies when they are in season, ranging from broccoli, carrots, pumpkins and peas.

We’ve worked our way through several recipes, and the Spring favourite is the Pea, Mint & Preserved Lemon tart. 

Yotam Ottolenghi commented ‘This is a book where thought meets practical actions meets deliciousness.’ … we couldn’t agree more.

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