World Diabetes Day 2020

World Diabetes Day 2020

According to research from the International Diabetes Foundation, approximately 7% of the adults in South Africa – roughly 2.6 million – have diabetes. The true extent of the prevalence and proliferation of diabetes is unknown due to an approximate 10% – 20% uncertainty range. In other words, a potentially large proportion of South African adults may be pre-diabetic or diabetic but remain medically undiagnosed.

Adverse health conditions caused by diabetes, such as cardiovascular disease, can be assuaged through dietary and lifestyle changes. Research shows that a healthy balanced diet is key to reducing the risk of complications. Having said this, a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet is seldom achieved amongst the communities our beneficiaries are looking after. Fresh, nutritionally dense food is often expensive and hard to come by, and so-called ’empty calories’ are generally the easy and cheap solution. How often do we hear the colloquial ‘so-en-so het suiker’ (‘so-and-so has sugar’), or something along those lines! This results in a double burden of individuals that both overweight and undernourished, which in turn perpetuates the prevalence of associated illnesses such as diabetes.

Nosh does its best to contribute rescued fresh produce to the meals our beneficiaries serve their communities, but the task is gargantuan and the need often seems never-ending. 

We would also love to give more training on nutrition, food choices and healthy eating to our beneficiaries but our resources are limited, so we really welcome the help of the team at 5-A-DAY who have reached out to help us fulfil that part of our self-imposed mandate. By using proprietary dietary systems and science-based methods, 5-A-DAY is able to create nutritionally dense, affordable meals for beneficiaries using rescued produce.

Given the low levels of nutritional comprehension amongst beneficiaries,
5-A-DAY has also created a simplistic “healthy-eating” framework, which seeks to empower beneficiaries to make more informed dietary and lifestyle choices. 

If you are able to help by donating produce or foodstuffs, we gladly accept all contributions and will distribute them according to the needs of our beneficiary communities. 

Alternatively, we of course welcome monetary donations, which will assist greatly with the transport and distribution of the surplus food – helping us keeping the lights burning and the wheels turning!

A world-first fast food eatery that aims to change the way you eat, one delicious bite at a time

5-A-DAY is the only fast food restaurant in the world to scientifically build meals one ingredient at a time – ensuring every meal meets a precise nutritional requirement


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